About us

About us

Dr. Tobias Walser Founder and Managing Director [Email]

“With my experience in prospective assessment of new technologies and the associated regulatory and scientific challenges I aim to deliver straight-forward, robust, and holistic solutions to your needs.”

Dr. Christoph Studer Partner and Senior Advisor [Email]

“With my 20+ years governmental experience in national and international chemicals regulation, I am eager to supporting you in finding successful ways for developing safe and compliant chemicals and nanomaterials.”


Expertise without disciplinary boundariesVereala works closely together with following associates, in order to realize tailor-made solutions for the needs of our customers.

Dr. Markus Lehni  Sustainability Coach

Markus Lehni provides coaching and advisory services on Sustainable Development, Environmental Assessment and Management, and Risk Engineering.

Dr. Martin Fierz  Nanoeos Founder

Naneos produces miniature, robust nanoparticle detectors.

Dr. Fadri Gottschalk  ETSS Founder

ETSS provides quantitative modelling tools for a better understanding of material flows and environmental stressors.

Vereala at the Annual Symposium of Nanotechnology Industries Association (NIA)

On March 27, Vereala gave an invited speech on the nanowaste landscape in Europe in Brussels. Check it out here.